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Chapter 15: Precious Metals, Art, and Collectibles

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    Let’s see. No dividends. No interest. No rent. It doesn’t create new products, technologies, or innovations. It doesn’t expand into new markets. There sure is a lot to like about gold!

    Learning Objectives

    In this chapter, you will

    By the end of this chapter, you should be able to

    Gold! Gold! Gold! It’s gold! (So what? Big deal. Who cares?)

    This quick overview of hard asset investment alternatives will hopefully dispel many of the myths and hype around gold, silver, and other precious metals and stones. We also discuss fine art and collectibles and stress that we should consider them possessions that bring us joy, pleasure, and wonder first and foremost ... and then as investments second.

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    • 15.1: Precious Metals, Art, and Collectibles
      “Let’s see. No interest, no rent, no dividends, no new markets, no new product development, no rise in the standard of living – what is there not to like?!”
    • 15.S: Summary
      Congratulations ‒ You Have Finished Chapter 15 ‒ Precious Metals, Art, and Collectibles

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