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14.S: Summary

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    Congratulations ‒ You Have Finished Chapter 14 ‒ Buying on Margin and Selling Short

    You have reached the end of chapter 14, Buying on Margin and Selling Short. In this chapter and the chapter 14 Canvas module, class website, and Introduction to Investments Discussion Forum, you have:

    You should now be able to:

    More Congratulations! We Are Finished with Securities.

    We have finished all our coverage of securities, financial investments that represent equity or debt or the legal right to acquire or sell an ownership interest. As we have said in the past, securities is the fancy word for stocks, bonds, mutual funds, short-term instruments, derivatives and other financial vehicles. We hope by now that you are accustomed and comfortable with the term securities. Personally, I have never liked the term securities since most people look at you oddly when you use it. They think you are talking about law enforcement or a private security company or administration of justice or something that has to do with reducing danger or threat.

    In our next two chapters, we will continue discussing speculations as we first cover precious metal, art, and collectibles and then turn our attention to something that is on everyone’s mind these days, kleptocurrencies, ooop!, I mean, cryptocurrencies. We will then be ready to take a quick look at some other miscellaneous topics and some of the other investment alternatives such as real estate or starting a business. Most of us will never get involved with real estate as an investment or starting a business, the ultimate investment. But who knows? Maybe one of these will pique your interest and you will build a real estate empire or start the next Google or Tesla. As always, we wish you the best of luck and success in whatever endeavors you choose!

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