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6: Fire Protection and Prevention

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    “Anyone who believes they have common sense has simply forgotten who taught them what they know.” -Allen D. Quilley


    Fires fall in the category of both natural and man induced hazards and have therefore been considered as a natural catastrophe or emergency. Fire is perhaps the most frightening and dangerous hazard humans have historically encountered, so much so that fire prevention and protection is embedded in our public and workplace safety infrastructure.

    The devastation that an all consuming out of control fire can produce is why there is the discipline of Fire Science. Fire science is the study of all aspects of fire, from fire behavior to fire investigation. Many of those seeking to become a firefighter or obtain a career in fire prevention, protection, or safety might pursue a degree in fire science.

    Fires are workplace emergencies and require specific fire prevention controls in the workplace. They are standalone hazards with specific safety standards but must also be considered in emergency planning. Every employer must consider all potential workplace emergencies and have in place either an oral or written plan to address those emergencies.

    Chapter Objective:

    1. Review the science of fire and the different classes of fire.
    2. Identify the need for and the proper selection of portable fire fighting equipment.
    3. Identify the primary elements for fire prevention and control measures.
    4. Identify the primary elements of an emergency action plan (EAP).
    5. Describe the natural and human induced workplace emergencies.
    6. Describe the purpose and objective of an emergency plan.

    Learning Outcome:

    1. Select the proper type of containers for storage and handling of combustible and flammable liquids on the job.
    2. List the necessary steps for effective fire prevention on construction jobsites.
    3. Draft a simple EAP.

    Standards: 1926 Subpart F-Fire Protection and Prevention, 1910 Subpart E-Exit Routes and Emergency Planning, 1910 Subpart L-Fire Protection

    Key Terms:

    Combustible, flammable, emergency, explosive, extinguisher, tetrahedron

    Mini-Lecture: Emergency Planning

    Topic Required Time: 2 hrs; Independent Study and reflection 1 3/4 hour.

    Thumbnail: Fire Tetrahedron,, public domain

    This page titled 6: Fire Protection and Prevention is shared under a CC BY 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Kimberly Mosley (ASCCC Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI)) .

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