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10.7: Tools of the trade

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  • There are a variety of tools relevant for working with eCommerce. We have discussed many tools during the course of this chapter, and mentioned Google Analytics as an essential analytics tool in the last section. But there are many other paid and free online tools that you could opt for.

    Here are of the best tools for starting an eCommerce business, according to Inc. (Haden, 2017):


    Free tool for building an online store. It’s a marketplace platform, but does enable you to build your own store, with your own design and branding.


    Possibly the most preferred tool for new online stores. Affordable with many features for your store.


    Considered one of the simplest ways to start an online store.


    Platform that enables you to add a store to your WordPress site or blog, providing an impressive store and business.


    One of the largest online payment gateways, but it can be complicated and confusing to implement.


    Popular payment gateway that you can integrate into your store. It works with Shopify, WooCommerce and other popular platforms.

    Amazon payments

    One of the simpler payment gateways available, and run by Amazon.

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