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9.E: Digital copywriting(Exercises)

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    Case study questions

    1. Why would bad copy in emails prevent users from signing up with Yelp, which aims to help businesses grow?
    2. Why do you think the more targeted copy performed better than the more generic copy?
    3. Identify the writing for digital principles (including audience considerations) that improved the response rate for the Yelp emails.

    Chapter questions

    1. Why is important to write for an ’audience of one’?
    2. Why should users dictate your content? List some ways that users’ needs determine content.
    3. What are some ways to make web copy easy to read and why is it important to do so?
    4. For some real online copywriting practice, choose an article in a magazine or newspaper and rewrite it for an Internet audience.

    Further reading

    To get started on writing for digital, Hot Text: Web Writing That Works is an easy-to-read and thorough resource. The website for the book is Another excellent resource is The Idea Writers: Copywriting in a New Media and Marketing Era ( book/9780230613881) has regular articles and case studies on writing online copy that converts.

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