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8.E: Search engine optimisation (SEO)(Exercises)

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    Case study questions

    1. Why did Click Consult decide to focus on improving Online Doctor’s backlink strategy?
    2. Why did improving the site’s authority also improve their SEO results?
    3. Why did Online Doctor want to focus on SEO rather than PPC?
    4. Do you think search engine algorithms can help businesses become better at what they do?

    Chapter questions

    1. Why do links send signals of trust to search engines?
    2. Why is it better to have more niche pages of content than fewer pages that cover a lot of content?
    3. How can analysing the links to a competitor’s website help aid your own link building strategy?
    4. Why is it important for search engines to keep updating their algorithms?
    5. If metadata are no longer used for ranking purposes, why do they still have an important role in SEO?

    Further reading – Moz provides regular articles, guides and blog posts covering all things SEO. As well as sharing insights from their own SEO efforts, there are also vibrant forums where you can learn from others. – Aaron Wall’s provides training and tools for SEO, as well as regular articles and posts. – a forum for webmasters, from beginners to those who’ve been around. A great resource for a budding SEO.

    8.E: Search engine optimisation (SEO)(Exercises) is shared under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Rob Stokes.

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