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5: Strategy Formulation

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  • The process of strategy formulation is the process of finding solutions to problems. The goal is to arrive at the best strategy, which is one that is (a) supported by the facts of the problem situation, (b) practical, and (c) aligned with the mission of the organization and the vision of its leaders.

    • 5.1: Facts
      When faced with a problem, people often overgeneralize from their previous experience and fail to use known facts of the problem situation.
    • 5.2: Practicality
      The practicality of a strategy is the extent to which the strategy serves the purpose intended. Whereas facts are either true or false, practicality is a matter of degree. Tools for assessing practicality include SWOT, VRIO, breakeven analysis, projected financial statements, EPS-EBIT analysis, and matrices.
    • 5.3: Mission/Vision
      A firm is an institution commanded by people with a common purpose. To the extent that the purpose is being met (What business are we in?), that purpose is its mission. To the extent that the purpose is aspirational (What business do we want to be in?), that purpose is its vision. From another perspective, the firm has a mission; its leaders have a vision.

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