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7.7: Chapter Review Questions

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    1. Discuss the benefits that accrue when an organization has a good understanding of employee needs.
    2. How might Maslow explain why organizational rewards that motivate workers today may not motivate the same workers in 5 or 10 years?
    3. Describe the process by which needs motivate workers.
    4. Discuss the importance of Herzberg’s motivators and hygienes.
    5. Describe a work situation in which it would be appropriate to use a continuous reinforcement schedule.
    6. Discuss the potential effectiveness and limitations of punishment in organizations.
    7. How can equity theory explain why a person who receives a high salary might be dissatisfied with their pay?
    8. Equity theory specifies a number of possible alternatives for reducing perceived inequity. How could an organization influence which of these alternatives a person will pursue?
    9. What goals would be most likely to improve your learning and performance in an organizational behavior class?
    10. Identify two reasons why a formal goal-setting program might be dysfunctional for an organization.
    11. What steps can an organization take to increase the motivational force for high levels of performance?
    12. Discuss how supervisors sometimes unintentionally weaken employees E ➨ P and P ➨ O expectancies.
    13. How can an employee attach high valence to high levels of performance, yet not be motivated to be a high performer?
    14. Is there “one best” motivation theory? Explain your answer.