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5.9.11: Suggested Resources

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    9.1 Overview of Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting Strategies

    Small Business Administration lending program:

    “The Top Twenty Venture Capitalists Worldwide,” New York Times (March 27, 2017):

    National Public Radio “How I Built This” podcast series (example episodes: Instagram, Airbnb, Spanx):

    TED Radio Hour (example episodes: Big Data Revolution, Disruptive Leadership):

    9.2 Special Funding Strategies

    Tax information for charitable organizations from the Internal Revenue Service:

    Information from the National Institutes of Health on grants and the application process:

    Small Business Administration, “How to Start a Non-Profit”:


    Indiegogo, “The Essential Guide to Crowdfunding”:

    Startupfest, “The $100K Investment Prize”:

    G-Startup Worldwide’s global startup competition:

    Extending Credit to Your Customers:

    7 Ways to Bootstrap Your Business to Success:

    4 Must-Follow Tips for Moonlighting as an Entrepreneur:

    5 Ways Nonprofits Can Engage Donors:

    9.3 Accounting Basics for Entrepreneurs

    Small Business Administration Introduction to Accounting Course:

    Accounting Coach free Accounting Basics Explanation:

    Khan Academy Accounting and Financial Statements Course:

    9.4 Developing Startup Financial Statements and Projections

    U.S. Small Business Administration:

    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission:

    Forbes, 5 Financial Reports You Should Be Running:

    Medium, 3 Phases of Financial Indicators for Startups:

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