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5.9.10: Case Questions

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    Crowdfunding platforms, such as Kickstarter or GoFundMe, allow startups to access many different investors who may be able to contribute only small amounts in return for relatively small rewards. In the case of the iBackPack, those providing funds through Kickstarter were largely unaware of the company’s postfunding operations.

    1. How did the lack of oversight harm investors?
    2. How might this situation have been different if a single angel investor had been involved?

    Put yourself in the shoes of the manager of a nonprofit organization, such as a homeless shelter. The ultimate goal is to help people who have suffered misfortune get back on their feet. They likely cannot afford to pay or otherwise contribute to the costs of running the shelter. Thus, you must look to other sources to help pay the bills. Visit the website What are some ways you might be able to attract donors for the shelter?


    While thinking about or visiting the coffee shop in your area, look around (or visualize) and identify items or activities that are the expenses of the coffee shop. Remember, expenses for the coffee shop are related to resources consumed while generating revenue from selling coffee and related items. Do not forget about any expenses that might not be so obvious—as a general rule, every activity in a business has an associated cost.

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