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11.8: Assignment- The “Chief Motivator” at Sun City Boards

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    Sun City Boards CEO Tom Wilson is preparing for an all hands meeting to discuss individual employee’s aspirations and what they value in terms of recognition and rewards. As CEO, Tom will start the meeting by providing context for the discussion. Specifically, he will provide a briefing for staff on why motivation is important, the relevance of goals and how he sees his role as manager and “Chief Motivator.”

    Your Task

    1. Review the Motivation module with a specific focus on The Importance of Motivation, Goal-Setting Theory and Manager’s Role in Promoting Motivation sections.
    2. Read the Sun City Boards Discussion Scenario and reflect on the environment Tom wants to create for the meeting.
    3. Based on your understanding of Tom’s objective and the Sun City Boards culture and employee mix, compile presentation notes for Tom that address the 3 points he wants to cover: why motivation matters, the role of goal-setting and his role as motivator.
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