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10.4: Assignment- Leadership at Sun City Boards

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    In the aftermath of a former employee’s characterization of Sun City Boards work environment as hostile (as described in the Discussion: Hostile Culture at Sun City Boards), CEO Tom Wilson has been questioning his capabilities as a leader. He has asked you to review profiles of successful leaders and identify common traits and any other key factors that he might cultivate to grow as a leader. He is particularly interested in modeling leaders who were founders; that is, entrepreneurial leaders who built their business from a simple but captivating idea.

    Your Task

    1. Review the leadership traits and styles and examples covered in the Leadership module with Tom’s request in mind.
    2. Conduct additional research to identify entrepreneurial leaders that have evolved and grown with the business. Patagonia’s founder Yvon Chouinard is an obvious choice, but don’t limit yourself to one example.
    3. Write a three paragraph email summarizing the traits that your research suggests are most important for successful leadership and that will contribute the most to Tom’s growth as an entrepreneurial CEO.

    As always, give credit where credit is due and cite (link to) your sources.

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