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15.6: PowerPoint in Word Document

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    Learning Outcomes

    • Create a Word document with inserted PowerPoint hyperlink.

    You can link to a PowerPoint document with a hyperlink in a Word document. The example with Rosamine’s document continues on this page.

    Once again Rosamine returns to the Insert tab and selects the link button. Towards the bottom of the dropdown menu, she selects Insert Link and then finds the correct PowerPoint file location and adds that to the window.

    A Microsoft Word document is open with a sales report displayed. A green box is highlighting the insert tab on the ribbon menu. A second green box is highlighting where the link dropdown menu is. The dropdown menu is open with one arrow pointing at the option to insert a link and the other at a blank space on the document where to insert the link.

    Now when the GM hovers over the hyperlinked file, the location and file name will be displayed and can be clicked on to open that third-quarter sales promotions presentation for more information.

    A Microsoft Word document is open with a sales report displayed. A green box highlights where a new link has been inserted.

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