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15.7: Introduction to Using PowerPoint with Excel

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    What you’ll learn to do: Use Excel elements in PowerPoint

    PowerPoint is the primary computer application used for business presentations. Knowing how to integrate a variety of charts, images, clip art, and so on is important to fill out a presentation and have it efficiently communicate to your desired audience. Elsewhere in this module, a Word document was modified and integrated with other computer applications. This section focuses on integration within PowerPoint.

    PowerPoint integration skills will assist you to powerfully communicate whatever business information you are trying to get across. To accomplish this, let’s look at an example scenario in which PowerPoint integration is helpful.

    Rowan Retail is planning to increase store sales in all three of its branches in the third quarter of this year. In order to coordinate the sales campaign, Cameron is creating the sales campaign presentation for the company’s next regional meeting. He has all the information he needs and is ready to create his sales presentation.

    As Cameron will discover, each presentation can be a mix of both new and existing content. There are many ways to incorporate a variety of things into PowerPoint. Frequently creating and editing a presentation is a back-and-forth process. Presentations must not only be filled with appropriate information, but also must be visually dynamic for an audience.

    Over time, your experience with PowerPoint with increase and you will discover other ways to integrate things into your presentations. They can be live, recorded, timed, and easily emailed to interested parties, so good PowerPoint skills is essential to business.

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