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9.24: Assignment- Communicating Through Technology

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    Imagine the small business you have been working for has gained traction in the market, and you are considering expanding. The distance between your new businesses, however, will make face-to-face meetings with key managers inconvenient. You have been charged with finding a way for the company to conduct synchronous meetings in an efficient, effective manner while keeping costs to a minimum.

    Communication Services Research:

    Your task is to search the internet and find two free or low-cost online communication services to present as options to your manager. Prepare a summary along with a chart comparing the different features such as: cost, ease of use and setting up an account, number of users allowed, and technology required to operate. You may also list any specifics about screen sharing capabilities, video conferencing, and recording conference, etc.

    Once you have conducted your research, you will be assigned to a group with 3–4 other students to conduct a video or phone conference on the assigned topic to share your findings.

    Before your call your group must:

    1. Schedule a time for all of your group to meet. When you have established a time create a Google calendar event and invite each member of the group AND the instructor to save that time. (You instructor will not participate—they will just check that you have followed instructions).
    2. Read this article: Tips on How to Conduct a Conference Call
    3. Decide which technology you will use for the call (Google Hangouts, Skype, Free Conference Calling.comFree Conference, etc.)
    4. Create a meeting plan as a Google document. Name it “Group #: Action Items”, and share it with your instructor.
    5. Choose one person to be the facilitator (or decide which group member will facilitate different phases of the call).

    After your call you will individually:

    1. Turn in your Communication Services Research on the two free online communication services you proposed to the group on the “call.”
    2. Turn in a short reflection essay (300 words minimum) on your experience. Use the following questions as prompts:
      • Describe which type of conference tool the group used and the quality of tool. Would you use it again? Why or why not?
      • What was successful or unsuccessful about the call?
      • Were all of the action items addressed? If not why? If they were all addressed, did you have enough to talk about?

    Grading Rubric

    Criteria Not Evident Developing Proficient Exemplary Points
    Schedule and conduct an online meeting 0 pts
    Meeting does not occur
    0 pts
    Meeting does not occur
    5 pts
    Meeting is scheduled but does not occur
    10 pts
    Meeting occurs with all members in attendance
    10 pts
    Create a meeting plan 0 pts
    Plan is not created
    0 pts
    Plan is not created
    5 pts
    Plan is created but does not include the designation of a call facilitator
    10 pts
    Plan is created and lays out the flow of the meeting, as well as designating the facilitator
    10 pts
    Turn in research on communication services 0 pts
    No research is submitted
    5 pts
    Research only discusses one service
    10 pts
    Research covers two services, but does not compare the services against one another
    15 pts
    Research covers two services and compares their pros and cons
    15 pts
    Turn in short reflection essay 0 pts
    No essay is submitted
    5 pts
    Essay does not meet word requirement
    10 pts
    Essay meets word requirements but does not answer any of the prompt questions
    15 pts
    Essay meets word requirements and effectively discusses the success or failure of the call
    15 pts
    Total: 50 pts

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