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3: The Power of Building Relationships- Putting Adaptive Selling to Work

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    • 3.1: Introduction
    • 3.2: The Power of Relationship Selling
    • 3.3: Putting Adaptive Selling to Work
      Adaptive selling takes place in many situations in business and in life. It is the selling skill that allows you to adapt your communications to a person or situation. Chances are you already use adaptive selling in your everyday life, but you may not realize it. Do you approach your parents differently than your friends? Do you speak to a professor differently than you do to your roommate? These are examples of adaptive selling.
    • 3.4: Selling U - Networking—The Hidden Job Market
      id you know that 80 percent of jobs are filled through networking? Networking is sometimes referred to as the “hidden job market” because many jobs are filled before they are ever posted. This is true now more than ever because of the challenging economy. But you might be wondering where you start and exactly how you network effectively. Like everything else in selling, you need to develop a plan.
    • 3.5: Review and Practice

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