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16.2: Key terms and concepts

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    Table 16.2.1
    Term Definition
    Ads manager An online dashboard provided by Facebook where one can view, edit, and access performance reports for campaigns, ad sets and individual ads. With Ads Manager you can view all your Facebook campaigns, track your payment history, make changes to your bids and budgets, export ad performance reports, and pause or restart your ads.
    Avatar A manifested online identity on social media and other online communities. An Avatar can be whatever the user chooses and is the personal image the user wants to project to other users.
    Blog Short for weblog. A type of website that allows users (bloggers) to post entries and self-published musings on different topics and which often allows readers to comment on these posts.
    Boosted posts A boosted post is a post such as status updates, photos, videos and offers, that will appear higher in news feeds so that more users will see the post. Posts can only be boosted from a brand or business page. Personal profiles cannot be boosted. The cost of a Boosted post depends on the number of users you want to reach.
    Carousel ads An ad form that allows the brand to show multiple images and/ or videos and a link to some action in a single ad. Up to 10 pieces of content can be included. Carousel ads have proven to be much more effective in driving traffic to advertisers’ websites from social media platforms.
    Chiclets Social share buttons that appear as small icons adjacent to a blog post, image, article or web page which enable users to share the information via a social media platform, whose icon is indicated by the chiclet.
    Cinemagraph Online photographs, with elements that move, using looped video, published as an animated GIF, or other video format, to give the impression the viewer is watching an animation.
    Content Any items you post online are considered content. This includes status updates, images, posts, videos and any copy. Good content should engage users and build your brand.
    Cover image The main image on a social media page. It needs to catch the attention of the user, be consistent with your brand, and encourage the user to read more on the page and engage further with your brand.
    Crowdsourcing Taking a job traditionally performed by a professional and distributing it to an undefined, generally large, group of people in the form of an open call.
    Crowdfunding Funding a project or venture by raising financial contributions from a larger number of people. Kickstarter and Thundafund are examples of crowdfunding platforms that source funds for a variety of projects.
    Facebook Business Manager A service from Facebook that assists with managing access to multiple Pages and ad accounts. The service is ideal for businesses that need different permissions for different people in the organization.
    Forum A website where users can engage in discussions by commenting on threads or previous posts made.
    GIF Graphics Interchange format is a computer file in the form of a bitmap image that enables short lops of video to be transferred online easily in small file sizes.
    Handle A public username used to identify individual users online, usually on social media. For example, @RedAndYellowEd is the Twitter handle for Red & Yellow.
    Hashtag # A type of label or metadata tag. It is used on social media to label what content is about. It enables content to be searched and discovered more easily.
    Hyperlink A reference to data that users can find by clicking on a link, which will take them to the document or page to which it refers.
    Keywords Words identified as crucial search and advertising parameters. These words are used in copy or posts to optimise discovery and engagement.
    Paid media Any marketing efforts that involve a paid placement. PPC ads, branded content, display ads and promoted and boosted posts are all considered paid media. Paid media involves paying a third party to broadcast your message to others.
    Power Editor Another Facebook advertising tool. It is designed for larger advertisers that may have a large number of ads running simultaneously. The tool provides precise control over all the campaigns.
    Social network In the online sense, a type of website model where individual members become part of a broader virtual community, where they can share, communicate and collaborate in online commentary and engagement around a shared interest or goal.
    Tagging Using a keyword or phrase to group pieces of content together under a specific theme, or assigning a piece of content to another user.
    Trend To trend on social media means your content experiences a spike in popularity on a social media channel.
    Viral When a piece of content is shared in very large numbers it is considered to be viral. There is no exact number of shares that constitute viral. If the number of shares of a piece of content is exponentially larger than the usual number of shares of posts from that specific user, it can be considered to have gone viral.

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