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12.S: Online advertising(Summary)

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  • Online advertising has two main objectives:

    • Branding
    • Direct response, engagement and sales.

    The Internet allows for highly targeted and highly trackable advertising across a variety of online media. Some ways that advertisers can use the Internet are:

    • Banner adverts
    • Interstitial banners
    • Popups and pop-unders
    • Floating adverts
    • Wallpaper adverts
    • Map adverts.

    Ad servers provide trafficking, tracking and reporting solutions to both advertisers and publishers. They allow advertisers to target display adverts based on parameters, including: User profile (location, operating system, browser, connection type)

    • Behaviour
    • Frequency and sequencing
    • Exclusivity
    • Context of content.

    Technology allows for increased levels of interaction within an advert, and for advertising tailored to engagement media such as online videos and social network applications.

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