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12.10: Glossary

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  • charisma A special personal magnetic charm or appeal that arouses loyalty and enthusiasm in a leader- follower relationship.

    charismatic leader A person who possesses legitimate power that arises from “exceptional sanctity, heroism, or exemplary character.”

    consideration A “relationship-oriented” leader behavior that is supportive, friendly, and focused on personal needs and interpersonal relationships.

    contingency theory of leadership A theory advanced by Dr. Fred E. Fiedler that suggests that different leadership styles are effective as a function of the favorableness of the leadership situation least preferred.

    designated leader The person placed in the leadership position by forces outside the group.

    emergent leader The person who becomes a group’s leader by virtue of processes and dynamics internal to the group.

    formal leader That individual who is recognized by those outside the group as the official leader of the group.

    great man theory of leadership The belief that some people are born to be leaders and others are not.

    informal leader That individual whom members of the group acknowledge as their leader.

    initiating structure A “task-oriented” leader behavior that is focused on goal attainment, organizing and scheduling work, solving problems, and maintaining work processes.

    leadership A social (interpersonal) influence relationship between two or more persons who depend on each other to attain certain mutual goals in a group situation.

    Least-preferred coworker (LPC) The person with whom the leader least likes to work.

    path-goal theory of leadership A theory that posits that leadership is path- and goal-oriented, suggesting that different leadership styles are effective as a function of the task confronting the group.

    transformational leader A leader who moves and changes things “in a big way” by inspiring others to perform the extraordinary.

    visionary leader A leader who influences others through an emotional and/or intellectual attraction to the leader’s dreams of what “can be.”