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6.3: 3. About the Author

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    Michael Boland (

    Koller Professor and Director, University of Minnesota

    Michael Boland (Mike) holds the Koller-endowed Professorship in Agribusiness Management and Information Technology at the University of Minnesota. He teaches classes on agricultural and consumer cooperatives, credit unions, and mutual insurance firms; an MBA course on agribusiness and food policy issues in the Carson School of Management; and a graduate course on food policy for students in public affairs, public health, law, veterinary medicine, and agricultural sciences. He is an adjunct professor in the Mondale School of Law and the Carlson School of Management. The Koller Professorship was funded by agricultural cooperatives (CHS, Land O’Lakes, CoBank, and Country Financial) and Koller friends, family, and colleagues.

    Prior to this new position, Mike worked at Kansas State University in the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center. He serves on the planning committee for the annual Farmer Cooperatives program, the National Council on Farmer Cooperatives director education programs, the Kansas State CEO Roundtable, and the California Center for Cooperative Development education program. He has worked with more than 45 master’s and doctoral students. Mike teaches educational modules on finance, governance, and strategic thinking in boards of director leadership programs for cooperatives, credit unions, and mutual insurance firms. These programs have been taught in 14 states to more than 4,000 senior employees and directors.

    Mike has worked with agribusinesses and cooperatives in Latin America, China, South Africa, Australia, and Europe. He is a member of Harvard’s Private and Public, Scientific, Academic, and Consumer Food Policy Group. Mike’s Ph.D. in agricultural economics is from Purdue University, where he worked on programs in the Center for Food and Agricultural Business. He is the oldest of 12 children and grew up in Minnesota. His work experience includes a farm supply cooperative, a regional cooperative, and a cooperative state council.

    This page titled 6.3: 3. About the Author is shared under a CC BY-NC license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Michael Boland (University of Minnesota Libraries ) .

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