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11.11: Why It Matters- Communicating Different Messages

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    Why learn to effectively communicate different messages?

    How would it feel if you found out your job had been eliminated due to cost-cutting measures? How about if this news was not delivered in a one-on-one or small-group meeting with your manager but instead in the form of a general email addressed to the entire division? This actually happened in 2006 when Radio Shack laid off roughly 600 employees in this manner.

    In addition to consequences to the business, there is a personal element at play here. Your written communication skills are critical to your success and advancement in today’s business environment. It is important not just to get your point across to your audience but also to do so using the right tone, structure and media to ensure that your message is well received. According to David Grossman, companies lose an average of $62.4 million per year due to either lack of communication or poor communication.[1]

    Business communication can be thought of as a problem-solving activity in which individuals may address the following questions:

    • What is the situation?
    • What are some possible communication strategies?
    • What is the best course of action?
    • What is the best way to design the chosen message?
    • What is the best way to deliver the message?

    In this module, we will examine this problem-solving process and help you learn to apply it in situations such as writing basic informative messages, team-building messages, critical messages. We will also examine responding professionally to critical messages.

    1. David Grossman, “The Cost of Poor Communications,” The Holmes Report, July 17, 2011.

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