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5.2.10: Suggested Resources

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    2.1 Overview of the Entrepreneurial Journey

    View the YouTube video “The Jitterbug Smart phone” at to see an example of a product endorsement that geared to a specific target market.

    Visit the SBA website to learn more about the local organizations that might assist you to launch or manage a venture:

    Caron Beesley. “8 Things You Can Do to Be Taken Seriously as a Young Entrepreneur”:

    “Surge Cities: These Are the 50 Best Places in America for Starting a Business”:

    “How I Built a Subscription Business That’s Made over 50k in 6 Months”:

    National Association of Women Business Owners:

    Are you ready to start your entrepreneurial venture? Visit the SBA site and take the Small Business Readiness Assessment:

    2.2 The Process of Becoming an Entrepreneur

    Are entrepreneurs BORN or MADE? (Lord Sugard #AND Robert Greene):

    Learn about how Man Crates was created:

    For more information about the Pembina tribe and entrepreneurial behavior:

    For more information about Dr. Charles Drew:

    For more information about the creation of the cotton gin:

    For more information on how to start a business:

    For more information on Global Entrepreneurship:

    Take the Myers Briggs test to discover your personality type:

    2.3 Entrepreneurial Pathways

    50 Business Ideas for Introverted Entrepreneurs:

    2.4 Frameworks to Inform Your Entrepreneurial Path

    YouTube Video: Business Model Canvas Explained:

    The Four Lenses Strategy Framework website:

    Evernote, a cross-platform app that allows you to create, update, and synch notes:

    YouTube Video: We have a dream, B-corp overview and mission:

    Business Model Canvas Strategyzer:

    For more information on the diversity of entrepreneurs in the United States:

    For more information on entrepreneurship and resource providers supporting entrepreneurship:

    For a list of resources available to support entrepreneurship:

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