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4.6: Web Exercises

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  • Learning Objectives

    1. Locate and analyze information online related to managing client relationships.
    2. Locate, download, and analyze a project milestone analysis and then create your hypothetical project milestone analysis for distribution to your team and client.

    Locate and Analyze Information Online Related to Managing Client Relationships

    Managing relationships with clients is a challenging task, and it is often discussed online. In this exercise, you locate online articles and other publications dealing with client relationships and then compare and analyze them.

    How to Read about Client Relationships

    1. Start a web browser program and go to the an idea website at
    2. Review the five topics listed in this article.
    3. Start a word processing program and open a new document. On the first line, type your name. Below your name, write a brief summary of the points made in each of the five major topics.
    4. Save the word processing document as Ch04ClientStudentName using the Word 2003 .doc file format.
    5. In the web browser, use a search program such as Google to search for a combination of key terms such as Project Management Client Relationships.
    6. Review the results of the search and choose a site that addresses some of the same points. Consider the similarities and differences between this site and the article from an idea.
    7. Copy the web address from the browser’s address bar.
    8. Switch to Ch04ClientStudentName. Paste the web address into the document.
    9. Switch to the browser. Capture the screen and paste it into Ch04ClientStudentName.
    10. Below the screen image, compare the content of the two sites point by point using a separate paragraph for each point. Be specific. If the site does not address one of the five points in the first site, briefly mention that it does not.
    11. Save the document.
    12. Review your work and use the following rubric to determine its adequacy:
      Element Best Adequate Poor
      File name Ch04ClientStudentName.doc Word 2010 version using .docx Another file name
      Locate and analyze information online related to managing client relationships Summary of the five points; web address; screen capture; comparison of each point Same as Best Summary not accurate; missing web address or screen; all five topics not addressed
    13. Save the file and submit it as directed by the instructor. Close all documents and programs.