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6.7: Integrating Goals and Objectives with Corporate Social Responsibility

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    Learning Objectives

    1. Understand the nature of corporate social responsibility.
    2. See how corporate social responsibility, like other goals and objectives, can be incorporated using the Balanced Scorecard.
    3. Understand that corporate social responsibility, like any other goal and objective, helps the firm only when aligned with its strategy, vision, and mission.

    One of the overarching lessons of this chapter is that goals and objectives are only effective to the extent that they reinforce the organization’s strategy and therefore the realization of its vision and mission. This section is somewhat integrative in that it provides knowledge about the ways that goals and objectives related to social and environmental issues can be tied back into strategy using a Balanced Scorecard approach.

    Figure 6.12


    GE combines environmental responsibility with the business strategy of providing the best wind energy devices.

    warrenski – Darling Wind Farm – CC BY-NA 2.0.