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3: Strategy Implementation

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    The goal of strategy implementation is to realize the organization’s vision as articulated by its leaders. Executives implement strategies through subordinates. The strategy might be one that the executive is told to implement exactly as formulated, one that the executive has decided, or one that the executive seeks to develop in collaboration with subordinates. In all three instances, face-to-face meetings are necessary to reach a mutual understanding between executive and subordinates.

    • 3.1: Meeting With Subordinates
      Meetings between executive and subordinates, individually and as a group, can be conducted using one of three basic methods: tell and sell, tell and listen, and problem solving. The objective that can be achieved and the skills needed for an effective meeting depend on the method.
    • 3.2: Quality and Acceptance
      While a strategy is a solution to a problem, the implementation of strategy itself creates problems that must be resolved. The effective resolution of problems depends on applying the leadership method that fits each type of problem. Problems can be classified into types based on their requirements for objective quality and subjective acceptance.

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