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10.5: Headers and Footers

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    Learning Outcomes

    • Add header and footer to slides.

    Another common addition to slides is to include headers and footers. The options to add headers and footers are in the same dropdown menu of the Text group. Once there, you will see the menu below.

    A header and footer menu for Microsoft powerpoint is open.

    From this menu, you can choose a variety of options for your header and footer. Footers are often used for a running title or to identify a particular author.

    A header and footer menu for Microsoft powerpoint is open. The date and time section has been set to update automatically. The slide number and footer checkboxes have both been marked with the footer being set to say "Analytics Division".You can see the results of adding these options on the screenshot below. The final position of the boxes matches the Preview shown to the right of the header and footer box.

    A Microsoft Powerpoint deck is open with 3 slides created. There are three green boxes on the bottom of the slide showing where the newly inserted options from the header and footer menu are. The box in the bottom left shows the date, the box in the middle shows that the footer has been set to "Analytics Division" and the box on the right shows the page number.

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