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1.1: Why It Matters- Introduction to Computers

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    Why learn how to use computers?

    Almost every job in management uses computers in some capacity. Your ability to effectively use computers in day-to-day tasks can be the difference between getting work done on time or being overwhelmed with your workload. Computers make many tasks much more efficient. You may have to invest a little time up front to learn the skills, but once you gain some computer literacy you will find many tasks much easier and faster to accomplish.

    Here are just a few of the tasks in business management that use computers and the programs we will cover in this course:

    • keeping track of inventory
    • organizing and accessing databases of customer information
    • managing budgets
    • writing internal communication to other employees
    • designing presentations to shareholders, coworkers, or bosses
    • representing the company in communication to customers
    • coordinating multiple people’s schedules
    • searching the internet for useful information

    In order to accomplish these tasks, you will first need to develop a foundation in basic computer literacy.

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