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    Swiss Legal System - Marc Thommen


    Legal History Andreas Thier

    History of International Law – Elisabetta Fiocchi Malaspina

    Legal Philosophy and Legal Theory – Matthias Mahlmann

    Legal Sociology – Christoph Beat Graber

    Public Law

    Constitutional Law – Matthias Oesch

    International Relations – Matthias Oesch

    Administrative Law – Felix Uhlmann

    Administrative Procedure – Felix Uhlmann

    Tax Law – Madeleine Simonek / Martina Becker

    Private Law

    Civil Law – Peter Georg Picht / Goran Studen

    Law of Obligations – Tina Huber-Purtschert

    Civil Procedure – Sophie-Katharina Matjaz

    Criminal Law

    Criminal Law – Marc Thommen

    Criminal Procedure – Marc Thommen

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