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Administrative Procedure

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    Felix Uhlmann
    Administrative Procedure1

    I.Legal Sources

    1.Historical Developments

    2.Constitutional Framework

    3.Federal Act on Administrative Procedure and Cantonal Laws

    II.Procedural Rights and Principles Administrative Action

    1.Administrative Action

    2.Right to be Heard

    3.Right to a Decision Within Reasonable Time

    4.Right to Legal Aid and to Counsel

    5.Right to Appeal

    6.Right to Challenge Legislation

    III.Institutional Framework

    1.Administrative Authorities


    3.Other Bodies and Procedures

    4.European Perspective

    IV.Landmark Cases

    1.Necessity of Issuing an Administrative Decision: IWB

    2.Procedural Fairness: Naturalisation

    3.Direct Challenge of Legislation: Police Act of Zurich

    4.“Legal Sausage Salad” or the Importance of the ECHR

    Selected Bibliography

    1This chapter is an updated version of a treatise previously published by the author, see FELIX UHLMANN, The principle of effective legal protection in Swiss administrative law, in: Zoltán Szente/Konrad Lachmayer (Ed.), The Principle of Effective Legal Protection in Administrative Law, A European Comparison, London 2017, pp. 304.

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