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Administrative Law

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    Felix Uhlmann
    Administrative Law


    II.Principles of Administrative Action

    1.Constitutional Principles in Administrative Law

    2.Principle of Legality

    a)Legal Basis for Administrative Action

    b)Legality of the Law

    c)Delegated Legislation

    d)Judicial Review

    3.Public Interest


    5.Legitimate Expectations


    b)Legitimacy of Expectations

    c)Private Arrangements


    e)Balancing Test

    f)Special Doctrines: Administrative Practice and Retroactivity

    6.Good Faith

    7.Prohibition of Arbitrariness (Reasonableness)

    III.Forms of Administrative Action

    1.Administrative Decisions

    a)Omnipresence of Administrative Decisions

    b)Definition of Administrative Decisions

    c)Administrative Decisions Determining Rights and Obligations

    d)Administrative Decisions as Individual Acts

    e)Administrative Decisions as Unilateral Acts

    f)Administrative Decisions as Acts Under Public Law


    2.Administrative Law Contracts

    3.Private Law Contracts

    4.Informal Acts and State Liability

    5.Administrative Rulemaking

    IV.Landmark Cases

    1.State Liability: Vacherin Mont d’Or

    2.Protection of Legitimate Expectations: Piano Teacher

    3.Principle of Legality: Headscarf

    4.Principle of Proportionality: Hooligans

    Selected Bibliography

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