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Table of Contents (Detailed)

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    Table of Contents (Detailed)


    How to Use This Book

    Index of Authors

    Table of Contents

    Table of Contents (Detailed)


    Swiss Legal System

    I.Facts and Figures



    1.Federal Assembly

    2.Federal Council

    3.Federal Supreme Court



    VI.Direct Democracy

    1.Federal Level

    2.Cantonal Level

    3.Communal Level

    VII.Legislative Process

    VIII.Publication of Federal Laws

    IX.Case Citation

    1.Official Compilation (BGE)

    2.Publication Online

    3.Public Pronouncement

    4.Press Releases

    Selected Bibliography

    Legal History

    I.Plurality and the Traditions of Swiss Legal Culture

    II.The Old Confederacy (13th/14th Century - 1798)

    1.Coniuratio, Covenants, and Charters

    2.Customary Law, Records of Law, and Sumptuary Mandates

    III.The Rise of Modern Swiss Statehood since 1798

    1.Constitutional Developments in Europe

    2.Constitutional Developments in Switzerland since 1798

    a)Focusing on Individual Rights: The “Bürgerliche Rechtsstaat”

    b)The (Slow) Rise of the Interventionist State

    c)Towards the Prevention State

    3.The Rise of Codifications in Swiss Legal Culture

    Selected Bibliography

    History of International Law


    II.Theories of Natural Law and Law of Nations

    1.The Spread of Theories of Natural Law and the Law of Nations

    2.Emer de Vattel and his Law of Nations (1758)

    III.The Era of International Humanitarian Law

    1. Henry Dunant and the Red Cross

    2. Founding of the International Law Institute (1873)

    a)Gustave Moynier (1826-1910)

    b)Johann Caspar Bluntschli (1808-1881)


    Selected Bibliography

    Legal Philosophy and Legal Theory

    I.The Problems of the Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory

    II.A Map of Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory

    1.Descriptive and Analytical Theory

    2.Explanatory Theories

    3.Normative Theory

    4.The Relationship of Law and Morality



    7.Grotius and Methodological Secularism

    8.The Question of Universalism

    III.The Point of Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory

    IV.Theory of Justice

    V.A Concept of Justice

    VI.The Birth of the Human Rights Idea

    VII.Contemporary Human Rights Theory

    Selected Bibliography

    Legal Sociology

    I.What is Legal Sociology?



    II.Law, Society and Direct Democracy

    1.Political Autonomy

    2.Direct Democracy

    3.Public Service Broadcasting

    a)Media Consumption and the Internet

    b)Personalisation Technologies


    Selected Bibliography

    Constitutional Law


    1.History and Overview



    b)Foreign Nationals

    3.Fundamental Rights

    4.Federation, Cantons, Communes

    5.Federal Assembly, Federal Council, Federal Courts


    1.(Semi-) Direct Democracy

    a)Popular Initiative


    c)“Landsgemeinde” as Cantonal Particularity

    2.Multi-Party Government

    3.Limited Constitutional Review

    III.Landmark Cases

    1.Women’s Suffrage

    2.Naturalisation and Fundamental Rights

    Selected Bibliography

    International Relations


    1.United Nations and Specialised Agencies

    2.Trade and Investment

    3.Switzerland and Europe

    a)General Framework

    b)Bilateral Agreements

    c)Autonomous Adaptation of Swiss Law to EU Law


    1.Goals and Means


    a)Federation and Cantons

    b)Federal Council, Federal Assembly, Federal Courts

    c)Direct Democracy

    3.Relationship Between International Law and Swiss Law

    III.Landmark Cases

    1.Supremacy of the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons

    2.US Safeguard Measures on Steel Products

    Selected Bibliography

    Administrative Law


    II.Principles of Administrative Action

    1.Constitutional Principles in Administrative Law

    2.Principle of Legality

    a)Legal Basis for Administrative Action

    b)Legality of the Law

    c)Delegated Legislation

    d)Judicial Review

    3.Public Interest


    5.Legitimate Expectations


    b)Legitimacy of Expectations

    c)Private Arrangements


    e)Balancing Test

    f)Special Doctrines: Administrative Practice and Retroactivity

    6.Good Faith

    7.Prohibition of Arbitrariness (Reasonableness)

    III.Forms of Administrative Action

    1.Administrative Decisions

    a)Omnipresence of Administrative Decisions

    b)Definition of Administrative Decisions

    c)Administrative Decisions Determining Rights and Obligations

    d)Administrative Decisions as Individual Acts

    e)Administrative Decisions as Unilateral Acts

    f)Administrative Decisions as Acts Under Public Law


    2.Administrative Law Contracts

    3.Private Law Contracts

    4.Informal Acts and State Liability

    5.Administrative Rulemaking

    IV.Landmark Cases

    1.State Liability: Vacherin Mont d’Or

    2.Protection of Legitimate Expectations: Piano Teacher

    3.Principle of Legality: Headscarf

    4.Principle of Proportionality: Hooligans

    Selected Bibliography

    Administrative Procedure

    I.Legal Sources

    1.Historical Developments

    2.Constitutional Framework

    3.Federal Act on Administrative Procedure and Cantonal Laws

    II.Procedural Rights and Principles

    1.Administrative Action

    2.Right to be Heard

    3.Right to a Decision Within Reasonable Time

    4.Right to Legal Aid and to Counsel

    5.Right to Appeal

    6.Right to Challenge Legislation

    III.Institutional Framework

    1.Administrative Authorities


    3.Other Bodies and Procedures

    4.European Perspective

    IV.Landmark Cases

    1.Necessity of Issuing an Administrative Decision: IWB

    2.Procedural Fairness: Naturalisation

    3.Direct Challenge of Legislation: Police Act of Zurich

    4.“Legal Sausage Salad” or the Importance of the ECHR

    Selected Bibliography

    Tax Law

    I.Fiscal Sovereignty and Constitutional Principles

    1.Federalism and Fiscal Sovereignty

    a)Distribution of Fiscal Sovereignty

    b)Federal Tax Harmonisation Act

    2.Main (Constitutional) Principles

    a)Principle of Legality

    b)Principle of Universality

    c)Principle of Uniformity and Ability-To-Pay Principle

    d)Prohibition of Inter-Cantonal Double Taxation

    e)Principle of Good Faith

    II.Most Important Taxes and Tax Codes

    1.Federal Taxes

    a)Federal Direct Taxes

    b)Withholding (Anticipatory) Tax

    c)Federal Value Added Tax

    d)Other Taxes

    2.Cantonal and Communal Taxes

    a)Taxes on Income and Net Wealth

    b)Taxes on Net Profit and Capital of Legal Entities

    c)Further Cantonal Taxes

    3.International Tax Agreements

    a)Multilateral Conventions

    b)Double Taxation Treaties

    c)Bilateral Agreements with the European Union

    III.Landmark Cases

    1.Principle of Equality: Taxation of Married and Non-Married Couples

    2.Ability-To-Pay Principle: Degressive Income Tax Rates

    3.Principle of Good Faith: Swiss Ruling Practice

    4.Principle of Non-Discrimination: Salary Withholding Tax

    Selected Bibliography

    Civil Law

    I.Swiss Civil Code




    4.Marital Property Law

    5.Prohibition of Maintenance Foundations and Fee Tails

    6.Inheritance Law


    1.Application and Interpretation of the Law

    2.Good Faith

    3.Publicity, Possession, and the Land Register

    4.Rules of Evidence

    5.Presumed Capacity of Judgement

    6.Separation Principle

    III.Landmark Cases

    1.Legacy Hunter

    2.Capacity to Marry

    3.Footman with Samovar

    Selected Bibliography

    Law of Obligations

    I.Contract and Tort Law



    a)Conclusion of a Contract

    b)Interpretation of a Contract

    c)Defects in the Conclusion of a Contract

    d)Defects in Consent

    e)Unfair Advantage

    f)Claims According to the General Provisions of the Code of Obligations

    g)Quasi-Contractual Claims

    h)Time Limits

    i)Types of Contractual Relationship

    j)Innominate Contracts

    3.Landmark Cases


    b)Market Value Estimate-Case

    c)Revocability of Simple Agency Contracts-Case

    II.Company Law



    a)Company Forms

    b)Sole Proprietorship

    c)Company Limited by Shares

    d)Limited Liability Company

    3.Landmark Cases

    a)Breakthrough-Case I

    b)Breakthrough-Case II

    Selected Bibliography

    Civil Procedure

    I.Swiss Civil Procedure Code

    1.Constitutional Framework




    1.The Principle of Party Disposition as a Rule

    2.The Principle of Ex-Officio Assessment as an Exception

    3.The Principle of Party Representation as a Rule

    4.The Principle of Ex-Officio Investigation as an Exception

    III.Institutions and Procedure

    1.Attempt at Conciliation

    2.Ordinary Proceedings

    3.Other Types of Proceedings

    4.Appellate Proceedings

    IV.Landmark Cases

    1.International Case

    2.Dürrenmatt’s Heirs

    3.Agreement on Jurisdiction

    4.Filing an Appeal with an Incompetent Court

    5.Incorrect Instructions on Objection Remedies

    Selected Bibliography

    Criminal Law

    I.Criminal Code




    4.Dualism of Sanctions

    5.Death Penalty

    6.Euthanasia / Assisted Suicide


    1.Nulla Poena Sine Lege

    2.Nulla Poena Sine Culpa

    III.Landmark Cases

    1.Rolling Stones

    2.Domestic Tyrant

    3.Deadly Car Race

    4.Hiking in the Nude

    Selected Bibliography

    Criminal Procedure

    I.Criminal Procedure Code

    1.Constitutional Framework




    1.Ex Officio Investigation

    2.Mandatory Investigation

    3.Nemo Tenetur se Ipsum Accusare

    III.Institutions and Procedure

    IV.Landmark Cases

    1.Schenk v. Switzerland

    2.Huber v. Switzerland



    Selected Bibliography

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