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    These suggested resources can help you review and refine your entrepreneurial plans.

    Entrepreneurial and Small Business Support (General)

    Small Business Administration (SBA):

    Small Business Administration site of local organizations that might assist you in launching or managing a venture:

    Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE):

    Small Business Development Center (SBDC):

    International Franchise Association:

    US government contracts:

    US Department of Commerce:

    US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis:

    US Department of Labor:

    US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics:

    US Chamber of Commerce:

    Global Entrepreneurship Monitor:

    Entrepreneurial and Small Business Support (Specific Groups)

    Women’s Business Center (WBC):

    Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC):

    National Association of Women Business Owners:

    Asian American Chamber of Commerce:

    Black Chamber of Commerce:

    Hispanic Chamber of Commerce:

    Ladies Who Launch:

    Minority Business Development Agency:

    National Association of Professional Women:

    The Female Entrepreneur Association:

    Women’s Business Enterprise National Council:

    Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Goal Setting

    Website with ideas for developing your vision:

    Video with walkthrough for crafting your mission statement:

    Eleven Free Goal Setting Software and Tools You Can Use:

    YouTube: Achieve More by Setting Smart Goals:

    Business Models and Business Plans

    SBA Business Plan resources:

    Business Model Canvas:

    Business model canvas and resources:

    Lean canvas and associated resources:

    Social business model canvas and related resources:

    YouTube Video: Business Model Canvas Explained:

    The Four Lenses Strategy Framework website:

    List of Social Enterprise Business Models or Frameworks:

    YouTube Video: We have a dream, B-corp overview and mission:

    Sample business

    Funding, Finances, and Accounting

    Small Business Administration (SBA) lending program:

    Small Business Administration (SBA) calculation of startup costs:

    Small Business Administration, “How to Start a Non-Profit”:

    US Department of Labor:

    Tax information for charitable organizations from the Internal Revenue Service:

    Grant information by state:

    Information from the National Institutes of Health on grants and the application process:

    G-Startup Worldwide’s global startup competition:

    Extending Credit to Your Customers:

    7 Ways to Bootstrap Your Business to Success:

    Small Business Administration Introduction to Accounting Course:

    Khan Academy Accounting and Financial Statements Course:

    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission:

    US Securities and Exchange Commission Regulatory Actions:

    SEC Information on crowdfunding portals:

    Link to SEC (FINRA) crowdfunding portals:

    Money and Interest Rates:

    Y Combinator:



    Indiegogo, “The Essential Guide to Crowdfunding”:

    Startupfest, “The $100K Investment Prize”:






    Trade Show News Network:


    Legal Issues in Entrepreneurship

    SBREFA Small Business Resource Center’s site on legal requirements and regulatory compliance:

    U.S. Patent and Trademark Office:

    Nondisclosure (NDA) templates:

    US Small Business Administration on licenses and permits:

    Internal Revenue Service (IRS) information on taxation in partnerships:

    Information on variation between all 50 states in forming or incorporating a business from Cornell Law School:

    US Copyright Office:

    Federal Communications Commission on cybersecurity for small businesses:

    North Carolina State University Poole College of Management’s risk management initiative:

    US Copyright Office:


    Small Business Administration information on marketing and sales:

    American Marketing Association (AMA):

    American Marketing Association (AMA) digital marketing certification:

    American Marketing Association (AMA) on-demand course: Digital Marketing: Delivering a Custom Experience:

    Google Ads:

    Operational Resources

    Society for Human Resource Management:

    Scheduling programs and templates:,, and

    Employer hiring costs of employee:

    Payroll program:

    Smartsheet’s step-by-step instructions for making a Gantt chart in Microsoft Excel:

    Project Manager’s ultimate guide to Gantt charts:

    FindLaw Small Business Center (business forms):

    Research Sources for Demographic and Marketing Data

    Small Business Administration (SBA) guide on researching your market:

    American Fact Finder (market research):

    FedStats (statistics from more than 100 federal agencies):

    National Federation of Independent Business:

    The Small Business National Center:

    Bureau of Labor Statistics:

    North American Industry Classification System:

    Statistical Abstract of the United States:

    US Census Bureau site on where to locate your business:

    Consumer credit data:

    Consumer product safety:

    Consumer price index:

    Bureau of Economic Analysis:

    Employment Statistics:

    Income Statistics:

    American Customer Satisfaction Index:

    North American Industry Classification System:

    US Census Bureau:

    Tools for Creativity and Problem Solving

    Twenty-four essential mindmapping and brainstorming tools:

    Open Innovation Community:

    Ideation techniques: and and

    LUMA Institute’s LUMA System of Innovation:

    Analyze your problem-solving abilities:

    IDEO Design Kit:

    Design Thinking Mix Tapes from Stanford’s Design School:

    Lean Startup and Pivoting

    Lean startup:

    Toyota’s Way:

    14 Management Principles of Toyota:

    Tim Berry’s Lean Business Planning Guide:

    Lean canvas and associated resources:

    The International Business Model Competition that focuses on lean startup models, sponsored by BYU and Harvard:

    Networking and Trade Organizations


    Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives:

    BNI: Business Network International:



    Industry research publications: