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5: Message types

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    • 5.1: Memos
    • 5.2: Letters
    • 5.3: Emails
    • 5.4: Proposals
    • 5.5: Reports
    • 5.6: Persuasive appeals
    • 5.7: Persuasive messages
    • 5.8: Starting your job search
      The job search is more than finding a job posting for which you fulfill the requirements. This planning phase allows you to gather the information and language that you need to make yourself a strong applicant.
    • 5.9: Resumes
      A resume is a document that summarizes your education, skills, talents, employment history, and experiences in a clear and concise format for potential employers.
    • 5.10: Cover letters
      The application letter or cover letter is a formal letter that accompanies your resume when you apply for a position. Its purpose is to support your resume, providing more specific details, and to explain in writing why you are a strong candidate for the specific position to which you are applying. It should not simply reiterate your resume; it’s an opportunity for you to make a case for your candidacy in complete sentences and phrases, which gives the reader a better sense of your “voice.”
    • 5.11: Bad news messages