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1.8: Software and Technology Exercises

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  • Learning Objectives

    1. Download software from an Internet site and install it on a computer.
    2. Capture a computer screen and paste it into a word processing document.
    3. Create a folder of project management web addresses in a web browser.

    Download and Install Adobe Reader

    There are many programs that are useful for project managers that can be downloaded from a website. Some of them are free while others are trial versions or are available for a license fee. To download and install software on a computer, you must have administrative rights on that computer. If you are trying to use a computer at a company for your homework in this class, you probably do not have administrative rights to install software. You need to use a private computer on which you can log in as the administrator or as a user with rights to install software.

    Alternatively, in some campus computer labs you are allowed to install software, but the computer is refreshed to its original configuration when the machine is restarted. If you use a computer in a common lab, be sure to complete the assignment before the machine is restarted.

    In this exercise, you download and install Adobe Reader. This program allows you to read files that are saved in the PDF format. This format is very popular because it allows distribution of documents that may be easily viewed but not changed.

    How to Download and Install Adobe Reader

    1. Using a web browser, go to The Adobe home page displays as shown in Figure 1.12 “Adobe Reader Download Page”.


      Figure 1.12 Adobe Reader Download Page

      Adobe Reader Download Page

      Source: Adobe product screenshot reprinted with permission from Adobe Systems Incorporated.


    • Click the check boxes next to optional features, such as virus scans or toolbars, to deselect them and then click Download now.
    • Follow the directions on the screen to install Adobe Reader.
    • When the installation process is complete, the program is added to the list of available programs on your computer. It will start automatically whenever you try to open a file that is saved using the PDF file format.
    • From the list of programs on your computer start Adobe Reader to confirm that it is successfully installed, as shown in Figure 1.13 “Adobe Reader Installed”.


      Figure 1.13 Adobe Reader Installed

      Adobe Reader Installed

      Source: Adobe product screenshot reprinted with permission from Adobe Systems Incorporated.


    • Review your work and use the following rubric to determine its adequacy:
      Element Best Adequate Poor
      File name N/A    
      Downloaded software from an Internet site and installed it on a computer Program is installed and functioning Same as Best Did not allow time to find a computer on which software could be installed; process failed
    • Submit evidence of completion as directed by the instructor.