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16.1: Marketing Planning Roles

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    1. Identify the people responsible for creating marketing plans in organizations.

    Who, within an organization, is responsible for creating its marketing plans? From our discussion above, you might think the responsibility lies with the organization’s chief marketing officer (CMO). The reality is that a team of marketing specialists is likely to be involved. Sometimes multiple teams are involved. Many companies create marketing plans at the divisional level. For example, Rockwell International has so many different business areas that each does its own strategic planning. The division responsible for military avionics, for instance, creates its own marketing plans and strategies separately from the division that serves the telecommunications industry. Each division has its own CMO.


    An old fighter jet at the MAPS Air Museum
    Figure: Figure 16.1 Rockwell International’s many divisions serve a diverse set of industries, from military avionics and communications to consumer and business telecommunications. That’s why Rockwell develops marketing plans at the division level (business-unit level). Image used with permission (5chw4r7z – MAPS Air Museum – CC BY-SA 2.0.)