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8.9: Who Goes to Jail?

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    • Contributed by Alison S. Burke, David Carter, Brian Fedorek, Tiffany Morey, Lore Rutz-Burri, & Shanell Sanchez
    • Professors (Criminology and Criminal Justice) at Southern Oregon University
    • Sourced from OpenOregon

    • Felons and Misdemeanants
    • First time and repeat offenders
    • Those awaiting arraignment or trial
    • Accused and convicted
    • Parolees stepping down from prison
    • Juveniles pending transfer
    • Those with mental illness awaiting transfer
    • Chronic alcoholics and Drug abusers
    • Those held for the military
    • Those held for federal agencies
    • Protective custody
    • Witnesses
    • Those in contempt of court
    • Persons awaiting transfer to state, federal or other local authorities
    • Temporarily detained persons


    Snapshot of Individuals in Jail

    Who goes to jail?

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