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4.1: Importance of Policy in Criminal Justice

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    • Contributed by Alison S. Burke, David Carter, Brian Fedorek, Tiffany Morey, Lore Rutz-Burri, & Shanell Sanchez
    • Professors (Criminology and Criminal Justice) at Southern Oregon University
    • Sourced from OpenOregon

    Why is Policy so Important in Criminal Justice?


    crime prevention “entails any action designed to reduce the actual level of crime and/or the perceived fear of crime.” [1] On the other hand, crime control alludes to the maintenance of the crime level. Policies, such as the three strikes law or Measure 11, seek to prevent future crime by incapacitating offenders through incarceration. Other policies like sex offender registration acknowledge that sex offenders exist and registering them will control the level of deviation, sometimes preventing-or perceiving to prevent future offenses.


    Fake News Exercise

    1. Vet the Publisher’s Credibility.
    • What is the domain name? A domain name that ends with “” is not to be trusted. Something like looks legit, but if it is listed as, be wary.
    • What is the publication’s point of view? Check out the “About Us” section to learn more about the publishers. It will also tell you if the publication is meant to be satirical, like the Onion.
    1. Pay Attention to Writing Quality.
    • Does the publication have all caps or way too many emphatic punctuation marks?!?!?!? Proper reporting does not adhere to such informal grammar. The article you are reading is probably not vetted.
    1. Check out the Sources and Citations.
    • Does the publisher meet academic citation standards? Your teachers and professors constantly tell you to cite and reference appropriately. This is how we can check your sources. The same is true for online news. Check the sources.
    • Check out fact-checking websites like

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