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    Welcome to Introduction to Criminology at Reedley College. This textbook was designed especially for Reedley College Criminology students. It will provide an overview of the three components of the Criminal Justice System: Law Enforcement, Courts, and Corrections. There are four types of interactive features in this book to help you, the student, engage with the various concepts and procedures behind criminology.


    pin icon

    Pin It! Boxes

    These boxes refer to information that you should mentally “pin” for later. Remembering the information included in Pin It! boxes will help you better understand following textbook material.


    question mark icon

    Think about It… Boxes

    Think about It… boxes encourage you to do just that, think about the information provided in the box and form an opinion. Often, what’s placed in these boxes are ideas or issues that are controversial, such as the death penalty or immigration concerns. Sometimes these topics can be difficult to think about objectively because they are emotionally charged. However, taking a moment to consider your values and beliefs and how they affect your opinions and decision making, produces mental stamina which is an important life skill. Remember, the brain is a muscle too.


    quote icon

    Quotable - Box

    Quotable boxes contain relevant quotes that pertain to information in the text. A good quote is an effective way to quickly summarize a complex topic or idea.


    clapboard icon

    Act it Out - Box

    Act it Out boxes provide you opportunities to interact with the materials, either by dividing into class groups and answering questions, or doing some investigative research on your own.

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