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10.E: Assessment Questions

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    1. What is administrative law?
    1. Administrative agencies are created by:
      1. The president.
      2. The judicial branch.
      3. The Constitution.
      4. Congress.
    2. The FDA stands for:
      1. The First Drug Administration.
      2. The Federal Drug Administration.
      3. The Food and Drug Administration.
      4. The Food and Diet Administration.
    3. Explain the goal of the Federal Trade Commission.
    4. How does the FDA fulfill its role?
    5. Who appoints leaders to run administrative agencies?
      1. The President.
      2. Congress.
      3. The judges.
      4. None of these are correct.
    6. The process of assigning authority to administrative agencies is called:
      1. An assignment.
      2. A directive.
      3. A passing.
      4. A delegation.
    7. What’s the role of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)?
    8. The Bureau of Economics concentrates on all but the following:
      1. Consumer protection investigation.
      2. Rulemaking.
      3. Lower prices for consumers.
      4. Economic impact of government regulation.
    9. Explain the purpose of the Administrative Procedure Act (“APA”).


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