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13.4: Assignment- Culture Survey at Sun City Boards

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    As part of your ongoing advisory/coaching engagement with Sun City Board’s CEO Tom Wilson, he has asked you to send him perspective on potential ethical issues and to develop a culture audit for Sun City Boards. You were recently (in the Module 13 Memo to 3M CEO Assignment) introduced to Ethisphere, an organization that has been compiling the World’s Most Ethical Companies™ ranking since 2007. Exploring Ethisphere’s website, you find their 2020 Culture Benchmark infographic and decide to share the findings with Tom as perspective and to reference that in drafting your audit questions.


    1. Review and reflect on the Ethics in Business module and Ethisphere’s Culture Benchmark survey findings.
    2. Conduct additional research on culture surveys and related best practices.

    Your Task

    With the company’s culture and operations in mind, develop a culture survey for the Sun City Board management and staff (minimum of 10 questions; maximum of 20) and identify 3 best practices for improving survey response rates and accuracy. As always, give credit for others’ ideas and include a link(s) to your source(s).

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