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13.15: Outcome- Using IMC in the Sales Process

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  • What you’ll learn to do: explain how IMC tools support the sales process

    As you know very well by now, in every successful transaction, there’s a buyer and a seller.

    The consumer behavior module of this course describes the decision process consumers go through when they decide to buy something. From the seller’s perspective, there is a parallel sales process that companies use to clarify the things they must do to successfully move buyers through their decision process.

    In this section of the course, we will examine this sales process and the role of integrated marketing communication in supporting it.

    The specific things you’ll learn in this section include:

    • Describe the sales process
    • Provide examples of how IMC tools can support various stages of the sales process

    Learning Activities

    • Reading: Using IMC in the Sales Process
    • Self Check: Using IMC in the Sales Process

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