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17.6: Problem Sets

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    This course contains problem sets that accompany each module. In these problem sets, students are given an opportunity to apply the quantitative-reasoning skills they learned throughout the module.

    The problem sets are derivatives from the practice questions that are scattered throughout the course for practice–sometimes housed within a content page or sometimes found on a separate page titled “Learn By Doing.” If students complete the practice questions, which allow unlimited attempts with various numbers, they may have already encountered the majority of the questions in the problem sets.

    These will come automatically loaded into your assignment tool in your LMS, but may be downloaded, adjusted, deleted, or personalized to fit your class needs.

    Module Problem Set

    1 Economic Thinking

    2 Choice in a World of Scarcity

    3 Supply and Demand

    4 Applications of Supply and Demand

    5 Elasticity

    6 Macroeconomic Measures: GDP and Economic Growth

    7 Macroeconomic Measures: Unemployment and Inflation

    8 The Aggregate Demand-Aggregate Supply Model

    9 Keynesian and Neoclassical Economics

    10 The Income-Expenditure Model

    11 Fiscal Policy

    12 Money and Banking

    13 Monetary Policy

    14 Policy Applications

    15 Globalization and Trade

    16 Exchange Rates and International Finance


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