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6.12: Human Capital Trends

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    • Identify human capital trends and implications
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    In the Introduction to their Reimaging Human Resources briefing, consulting firm Deloitte notes that “Enterprises are fundamentally shifting with new business models, technologies, and changing expectations of—and by—the workforce. Often, HR teams are left straddling the needs of the legacy organization while planning for the needs of the future. This creates unprecedented opportunity for HR to play a new and vital role in shaping the way enterprises compete, access talent, and show up in the communities where they operate.”[1]

    As their The future of enterprise demands a new future of HR video explains: How people live and work is changing dramatically. Enterprises must adapt. And so must HR. It’s time to reimagine outcomes and drive growth in the context of three futures happening now:

    • The future of enterprise
    • The future of the workforce and
    • The future of how work gets done.[2]

    In order to lead the organization into the future, HR will have to execute shifts across four dimensions: mindset, focus, lens and enablers. Here’s the framework for transformation:


    Shift from doing digital to being digital.

    • Embrace new traits & behaviors
    • Reevaluate job design and work and strategic planning to factor in artificial intelligence, robotics and cognitive technology


    Photograph of a person holding up a camera lensShift from being center-driven to providing human-centered solutions.

    • Personalize the workforce
    • Drive measurable—qualitative and quantitative—value across the enterprise


    Shift from compliance & control to trust and empowerment.

    • Implement flexible operating models
    • Develop ecosystems that foster speed, talent and innovation


    Shift from integrated systems to a unified engagement platform.

    • Adopt advanced technologies
    • Don’t just automate, reinvent

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