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18.1: Why It Matters: Integration

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  • Business needs drive collaboration, information sharing and business analysis. What that really means is that more ideas, data, and information needs to be used in combination to bring about better interpretation and understanding of those ideas, data, and information by people. The Microsoft suite of apps allows people to work together to move a business forward, communicate effectively, and become increasingly more successful.

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    As this video mentions, the purpose of using these applications is to make business work easier between people. The purpose of this course is to give you the skills necessary to be more comfortable with the various tools and applications in order to do your job with ease.

    At work, your to-do-list might include tasks such as ordering new products, completing purchase orders, creating sales charts, and producing proposals and presentations. This module will draw on the lessons you have learned in those previous modules and show you how to integrate various features from one application into another in order to finish these types of tasks.

    Here is what you will be learning how to accomplish with this module:

    • Create a Word document with integrated Excel utilizing skills from the previous modules
    • Create a PowerPoint supporting presentation utilizing skills from the previous modules
    • Integrate a video into a PowerPoint slide
    • Integrate Excel and Access
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