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17.10: Understanding Forms

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    • Define forms in Microsoft Access

    Access gives us a window into our database data through an object called a form. Forms can be used to create user interfaces to either enter data or to manipulate data. A ” bound” form is a form that is tied directly to a table or query and can serve as a user interface into that data source. An “unbound” form does not directly connect to a data source, but gives the user controls that can be used to run the database application.

    Forms are important tools for usability of a database application. Users do not have to be familiar with the internal structure of the database but instead can take advantage of a form to ensure usability—even that they are entering information correctly.

    Microsoft Access form open. "Design" is selected in the toolbar and the form includes the following fields: ID, Company, Last Name, First Name, e-mail address, Job Title, business phone.

    Learn More

    For detailed, step-by-step instructions Microsoft Access Help is an excellent resource and can be found by following this link: MS Access Help: Understanding Forms

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