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15.16: Discussion- Audio Integration

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    In this module, we discussed integrating charts, tables, hyperlinks, and videos into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and importing external data into Access. These objects were found in both external (internet) and internal (within existing files) sources. PowerPoint has audio options that can be integrated into slides. Like videos, audio can be uploaded from external sources, trimmed, and edited.

    Audio options can be integrated into PowerPoint from the Insert tab by uploading an audio file from your computer.

    A Microsoft Powerpoint with the title "A Brand New Day" is open. There are two green arrows on the slide, the first one is pointing at the insert tab in the ribbon menu and the second is pointing at the option to insert audio into the slide.
    A Microsoft Powerpoint with the title "A Brand New Day" is open. An insert audio dialog box has opened and an audio clip has been selected from the computers files.

    There are a variety of options available for audio, which you can see in the Audio Tools>Playback tab ribbon. Like video, audio can be timed or started with a mouse click. You can play the audio across all slides, run it on a loop until stopped, or fade it in or out.

    A Microsoft Powerpoint with the title "A Brand New Day" is open. There is a green box highlighting the playback tab which is in the ribbon menu and another where the audio clip has been inserted.

    Discussion Questions

    • In what situations would this feature be useful?
    • Could you see yourself using this in PowerPoint? Word? Excel? Access? Why or why not?
    • What should you be aware of with audio?

    Share your opinions below and respond to two of your classmates’ thoughts.

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