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14.1: Why It Matters- Microsoft Access Advanced Skills

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    Why learn advanced Microsoft Access skills?

    How does database technology matter today? For one thing, there would be no eCommerce without underlying database technology to support it. What about healthcare? How would we keep track of patients, appointments, and treatment history without the use of database applications? Then you have online television streaming. Streaming services need database applications to generate a list of shows to watch and track individuals’ viewing history. Very powerful database applications are needed to not only track viewing but to analyze and recommend new viewing for each and every individual customer.

    In this final section, we will get into some of the advanced capabilities of MS Access. Dealing with external data—data outside of the current Access database—is a real-world situation that needs to be covered here. The concept of queries—how we interact with databases to leverage the information stored within—is another important topic to be addressed in this section. Finally, forms and reports are key to how we get data in and out of databases.

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