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13.12: Deleting Records in Datasheets

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    Learning Outcomes

    • Delete records in datasheets

    Deleting a record is as easy as selecting the far left field of the row and selecting “Delete.” Deleting multiple contiguous records is also simple: start by selecting the first record in the list and hold down the “Shift” key while you click on the last record in the group to highlight multiple records, then hit “Delete.”

    Here is an example of a multi-record selection.

    Speadsheet "Supplier List" shows a group of records selected, indicated by a blue shading with an orange covering a group of 7 records.

    If the records to be deleted are connected to other tables and records through a parent/child relationship, etc. then Access will prevent the deletion with the following error message.

    Multiple records selected with a pop-up window that reads "The record cannot be deleted or changed because table "Purchase Orders" includes related records.

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