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9.16: Assignment- Present Sales Information

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  • For this assignment, you will edit a short PowerPoint presentation that contains sales information.

    Download the PowerPoint presentation you will use to start your assignment. Follow the directions, then submit your assignment. If you get stuck on a step, review this module and ask your classmates for help in the discussion forum.

    1. Open the presentation. Save it to the Rowan folder on your desktop as BA132_LastName_SalesInformation.pptx, replacing “LastName” with your own last name. (Example: BA132_Hywater_SalesInformation) It is a good idea to save your work periodically.

    2. Edit the first slide to say “Annual Sales Data” under the Title “Rowan Retail”
      A Microsoft Powerpoint deck is open with 3 slides created. It is open to the first slide in the deck and there is a text box where "Annual Sales Data" has been typed.

    3. Move the current slide 3 in front of the current slide 2
      A Microsoft Powerpoint deck is open with 3 slides created. The second slide is being displayed.
    4. Add a text box on slide 3 next to the month with the highest sales data that reads “Highest Month.” Your text box should be to the left of the month.
      A Microsoft Powerpoint deck is open with 6 slides created. A new text box has been opened on slide 3 with the text saying "Highest Month".
    5. Add three slides to the end of the presentation. The layout of these slides does not matter.
      A Microsoft Powerpoint deck is open with 3 slides created. Three new slides have been inserted making it a 6 slide deck now.
    6. Choose one of the new slides and add three to five objects or shapes. Make a group out of all of those objects or shapes and resize the group to be large and centered in the slide.A Microsoft Powerpoint deck is open with 6 slides. Slide 4 is selected. There is a yellow oval, a green rectangle, and a blue square. Above the three shapes are the words Group Arrangement.
    7. Save your work and submit it in your course online.

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