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12.8: Introduction to Team Communication in the Workplace

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    What you’ll learn to do: Discuss the role and types of teams in workplace communication

    We enter the workplace as individuals and then quickly interact with peers, work groups, and customer groups. As we make our way through our careers, we see that work is best accomplished with the power of others. Learning effective group and team communication skills advances your success and the success of your organization.

    Developing a group or team is a useful approach to accomplishing a task. When developed and run effectively, a team can be used to pool the ideas and experiences of its members in search of a collective outcome. Organizations of all types can benefit from the work of teams. An effective team should be able to share experiences and provide members with feedback. By sharing experiences, teams can generate insight and become effective problem solvers through a collaborated effort. Developing a successful team requires understanding group dynamics and how to adapt to the strengths and quirks of team members.

    This module provides skills related to workplace communication in these valuable groups and teams. It examines types of teams, roles of team members and how to communicate within teams.

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